FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  | August 3, 2023 

Denver Colorado, FreightSmith SchedulePro is an innovative solution for streamlining and simplifying warehouse appointment scheduling. This dynamic yet cost-effective tool was designed by experts from inbound warehouse operations and offers a variety of benefits for both carriers and receivers alike. With an easy-to-use interface, SchedulePro allows carriers, shippers, and receivers to reduce time-consuming manual tasks and simplify communications to create accountability which builds a more structured process that reduces costs and minimizes frustrations.  

 “We are proud to introduce SchedulePro, the foundation of a well-orchestrated receiving process and continuation of our obsession to digitize and drastically improve the inbound delivery experience,” said FreightSmith CEO, Joe Curry. “This dynamic solution is designed to meet the needs of warehouses of any size, while offering scalability and customization so businesses can optimize their receiving performance.” 

The platform’s capacity and performance driven scheduling capabilities allow distribution centers to set inbound appointment options to fit the unique needs of each facility. It also gives users the ability to easily change appointments as needed without having to worry about data management or tedious manual tasks. On top of that, using SchedulePro helps reduce headcount so that organizations run more efficiently while leveraging technology to create the daily inbound plan.  

“We are thrilled about launching this revolutionary new platform,” said VP of Strategy, Tim Wells. “SchedulePro provides our customers with an easy-to-use solution that will help them maximize their resources while optimizing their warehouse performance.”  

FreightSmith offers a suite of tools to support all parties involved throughout the inbound process, and with the launch of SchedulePro they hope to continue helping distribution centers improve their receiving velocity through better appointment scheduling technology.  

FreightSmith SchedulePro Features Include:

  • Real Time Digital Appointment Scheduling | Allows for Modifications, Updates and Provides Schedule Visibility 
  • Simple and Intuitive User Experience | Improves Communication, Accountability and Organization  
  • Fully Customer Configurable Scheduling  | Specific to Facility Including Dock Segmentation + Preset and Reoccurring Appointment Options  
  • Scalable Plug & Play Deployment | Easy implementation that can support growing businesses  
  • Fully Integrated Into Existing Systems or Other FreightSmith Products  | Less paperwork = less opportunity for missed communication or lost information  
  • Cost Effective | Unlimited Seats, Users & Locations with Flexible Payment Terms 
  • 24 x 7 Customer Service | FreightSmith Call Center agents have access to all integrated systems allowing them to quickly resolve issues  
  • Eliminate Tedious Manual Tasks | Relieve staff of time-consuming manual tasks and data management 

About FreightSmith 

FreightSmith is a SaaS provider of modular solutions encompassing all activities from driver check-in to driver release for receivers, shippers, and carriers. Our software delivers a fully digital solution connecting all stakeholders within the inbound gate to gate process. The FreightSmith IMS provides visibility of inbound assets and allows full remote management of these assets. The FreightSmith suite of products delivers instant ROI by removing delays in communication and expediting activity execution within the inbound receiving process.   

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