What is FreightSmith?

FreightSmith is a SaaS provider of modular supply chain solutions encompassing all receiving activities from driver check-in to driver release for receivers, shippers, drivers and carriers. Our software delivers a fully digital solution connecting all stakeholders within the inbound gate-to-gate process.


How it Works

FreightSmith is revolutionizing how businesses manage their warehouse receiving process by providing a comprehensive suite of digital freight management services that are easy to use yet powerful enough for even the most complex operations. From its remote pre-check capability of up to 24hrs in advance of delivery, and 24/7/365 customer support, to its real-time updates at the receiver level for all deliveries along with instant access to all digital unloading receipts including a comprehensive load management tool supporting door assignment and PO/load resolution. FreightSmith has everything warehouse managers need to remain competitive in today’s ever-evolving supply chain landscape. With its innovative technology solutions directly linked to other operating systems via API FreightSmith is setting a new standard for digital freight management services. 


FreightSmith IMS – Inbound Management System

The FreightSmith IMS warehouse portal is the key to any receiving manager’s success in expediting inbound operational flow. The IMS solution allows staff to communicate directly with drivers as they provide gate passes for trucks to enter their facility as well as assign doors and notify drivers immediately when a door is available and ready.

The IMS tool time stamps and tracks every step of the way for each load, allowing receiving managers to monitor inbound progress, track staged vehicles, and proactively reduce detention exposure at their entire facility.

FreightSmith completes the chain and provides the data linkage that can be used to optimize any warehouse receiving process eliminating the black hole in the supply chain path.


FreightSmith – Mobile App

The mobile app is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Once the driver downloads the application on their smartphone, they will be able to check-in remotely for their scheduled appointment as well as gain access to full visibility of the gate-to-gate process for their delivery. The FreightSmith check-in process can be completed away from the facility at a convenient time and location to optimize the driver’s HOS. Most valuable to drivers and carriers is that they can process unloading payments from within the app with digital receipts supplied that can be accessed later as needed. The digital documentation can easily be shared with shippers and carriers ensuring a complete record of the delivery in a timely manner.

All of this can be done from the safety and comfort of the cab of their truck.


FreightSmith SchedulePro

FreightSmith SchedulePro is the ultimate solution for streamlining and simplifying warehouse appointment scheduling – the dynamic, yet cost-effective tool designed by experts from inbound warehouse operations. FreightSmith SchedulePro is designed to meet the needs of warehouses of any size, while offering scalability and customization so businesses can optimize their receiving performance. It’s easy-to-use interface allows carriers, shippers, and receivers to simplify communications and create accountability which builds a more structured process to reduce costs and minimize frustrations.


Why FreightSmith Works

Direct Integration

Interfaces with all major check providers for fast, secure payments. Seamlessly and securely handles payments from Comdata, EFS, T-Check, Relay Payments, or credit /debit cards. Industry payment processing is reduced by an average of 42 minutes.

24x7x365 Customer Service

Contact Center agents are a support system for Drivers & Carriers. Through direct integration, appointment and payment information is at our fingertips and we are committed to establishing a distinct driver experience and simplified inbound process.

Industry Experts

FreightSmith product ideation and development comes from an expert team who is specialized in inbound logistics problem-solving. Our expertise in this specific aspect of the supply chain allows us to focus on the complete gate-to-gate process with an understanding of the efficiencies that can be realized.

Agile & Comprehensive

FreightSmith IMS provides businesses with a powerful tool for gaining visibility into their inbound performance metrics, reducing labor costs, and increasing door utilization performance. Our ability to support each customer’s specific needs sets us aside from other products which only offer a part of the solution.

First of its Kind

FreightSmith is the leader in the digitization of inbound receiving logistics. Pioneering the IMS category to integrate WMS and TMS systems, closing the data gap, and connecting supply chain systems to remove the disruption in information flow.

FreightSmith By The Numbers

4.7 Rating

with 15.5K Reviews (Google® and Apple® App Stores Combined)


App Downloads to Date (Apple and Google Combined)

62 Min

Average time saved by drivers from check in to release


Average Reduction In Detention Exposure


Average Reduction in Labor Headcount


Digital Payment Transaction Since Product Launch