About FreightSmith

The Conceptualization of FreightSmith

In 2017, FreightSmith’s founders with an extensive background in solving complex supply chain and logistics problems began conceptualizing an app that could improve warehouse receiving efficiency by disrupting traditional processes. They wanted something that could streamline the gate-to-gate process by allowing users to easily manage trucks remotely through the delivery and unloading phase, speed up the payment process digitally, and create full visibility to all participants around a single version of the truth. After several years of research, development, and testing, FreightSmith was ready to launch. 

Bringing FreightSmith to Life 

The founders sought out experts in software development who were as passionate about revolutionizing warehouse management as they were. With a team of developers on board, they began building the platform from the ground up – coding every line and testing every feature until they had what we now know today as FreightSmith. A few months later, after much anticipation and hard work, it was finally ready for launch! The team continues to expand the FreightSmith offering and add further value to complete the one-of-a-kind digital inbound solution. 

Meet The Team

Founder & CEO

Joe Curry

Joe is a mission-driven leader with a wealth of experience managing diverse teams and driving process improvement. He excels at developing customer-centric cultures that promote employee ownership, creativity, and innovation. With more than two decades of progressive leadership in various industrial landscapes, Joe has become an esteemed expert in the supply chain community. He is passionate about setting strong standards and values that focus on the customer experience.

VP of Strategy

Tim Wells

Tim is a highly experienced Supply Chain professional with a distinguished 30-year background in the Retail Distribution, Transportation, & CPG markets. He is an expert in constructing efficient Supply Chain solutions that generate maximum results with the usage of technology. With his extensive knowledge of transport industry insights and processes as well as Supply Chain market trends, Tim is a Subject Matter Expert the implementation process of improvement initiatives.

VP of Technology

Steve Williams

Steve is an experienced professional with over two decades of hands-on technical leadership in multiple IT departments across numerous industries. His strong strategic acumen and expertise in customer success have enabled him to tackle complex challenges and drive organizations to achieve desired results. He is committed to his role in process improvement, ensuring all projects are successful, efficient, and cost-effective.

VP of Growth

Ryan Howard

A forward-thinking sales and business development executive, Ryan combines a background in technology solution/ product sales with start-up and multi-million-dollar organizations. He has a track record of increasing market reach by combining expertise in pipeline development, solution selling, and product integration. He is accomplished in taking products and territories from concept to launch while working with governments and Fortune 500 organizations. 

Marketing Manager

Gina D’Ambrosio

Gina is a dynamic, highly experienced communications and marketing professional. With over two decades of diverse experience in the private and public sectors, her versatile acumen spans industries such as technology, automotive, electric vehicles, and powersports. Her distinctive set of skills enables Gina to implement highly effective process improvement initiatives that drive success.

Operations Manager
Josie Hernandez

With over a decade of experience in warehouse receiving operations, Josie has become a seasoned expert in the industry. Her focus on call center operations and payment processing has made her an invaluable asset to any team she’s a part of. But it’s her commitment to bringing together teams that work seamlessly that sets her apart. Josie’s customer-centric attitude and passion for teamwork have helped her create environments that foster customer success.