For Distribution Centers of Any Size 

  • Improved Resource Management and Reduced Labor Cost FreightSmith SchedulePro is an online appointment scheduling solution specially designed for warehouses and carriers. It provides a simple yet powerful tool for optimizing their resources, improving management accuracy, and streamlining operations.
  • Reduce Time-Consuming Manual Tasks This powerful, easy-to-use tool allows you to improve your warehousing processes with minimal effort. With SchedulePro, scheduling software you no longer have to worry about those tedious manual tasks or cumbersome data management efforts – it takes care of everything for you! And not only that, but the platform helps you reduce headcount so that your organization runs more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Reduced Congestion at Facility Gates FreightSmith SchedulePro scheduling software enables warehouses to adjust their schedules for unscheduled arrivals and changes, making operations run more efficiently.

Most Cost Effective Scheduling Software on the Market Today

Appointment scheduling should be simple. Save time and money by allowing carriers to book appointments on their own. SchedulePro is a capacity and performance driven scheduling solution that allows distribution centers to set and easily change appointment options. Get the most out of every door in your facility.

Real Time Digital Appointment Scheduling

Allows for Modifications, Updates and Provides Schedule Visibility

Simple and Intuitive User Experience

Improves Communication, Accountability and Organization


Fully Customer Configurable Scheduling

Specific to Facility Including Dock Segmentation + Preset and Reoccurring Appointment Options

Scalable Plug & Play Deployment

Easy implementation that can support growing businesses

Fully Integrated Into Existing Systems or Other FreightSmith Products

Less paperwork = less opportunity for missed communication or lost information

Cost Effective

Unlimited Seats, Users & Locations with Flexible Payment Terms In One Scheduling Software Solution

24 x 7 Customer Service

FreightSmith Call Center agents have access to all integrated systems allowing them to quickly resolve issues

Eliminate Tedious Manual Tasks

Relieve staff of time-consuming manual tasks and data management

Improved Facility Ratings

With increased communication and the ability to manage their appointments, as well as 24 x 7 support, drivers will leave FreightSmith facilities with a smile and a thumbs up

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