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FreightSmith IMS - Inbound Management System

For Receivers & Shippers
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What Exactly Is FreightSmith IMS?

FreightSmith IMS is a comprehensive inbound load management tool for warehouse operations supporting door assignments, communications, and PO/load resolution. IMS is fully integrated with other FreightSmith modules, providing gate-to-gate visibility, awareness of receiving status, and complete remote load management. 

Who Needs FreightSmith?

Facilities with 10-1,000 inbound loads per day with 10+ doors to manage will have the highest ROI from our product. FreightSmith provides an instant ROI by digitizing the process and mitigating detention exposure created by delays in load processing. FreightSmith streamlines gate and security operations by automating manual tasks and decreasing staffing needs. The tool also reduces mundane and redundant manual tasks that take up valuable time and resources.

How Much Can FreightSmith Save Your Facility?

Oftentimes, the FreightSmith platform pays for itself by saving warehouses on headcount overhead and detention fees. Fill out the form below and we will send you a custom quote based on your facilities details.

Intuitive User Interface 

FreightSmith integrated features and intuitive interface makes it easy for managers to have full visibility of truck locations and gate-to-gate activity status in one simple platform.  Warehouse managers gain the ability to reduce delays and provide real-time communication with drivers through the FreightSmith App, from driver check-in, gate assignment, unloading, and payment processing. This means that inbound trucks will be processed in a more timely manner, saving time and money for receivers, shippers, drivers & carriers.

Unlock Hidden Value With Data Insights 

FreightSmith data provides valuable insights to optimize warehouse receiving performance and maximize efficiencies across inbound and outbound operations. With real-time updates at the warehouse level for all unloading activities and door status, it is the go-to comprehensive load management tool. FreightSmith has everything warehouse managers need to remain competitive in today’s ever-evolving supply chain landscape. With its innovative technology solutions, FreightSmith is setting a new standard for digital freight management services. 

Why FreightSmith IMS Works

Supports Driver/Carrier Friendly Initiatives 

On average, drivers save 62 minutes between appointment check-in & unloading remittance using the FreightSmith mobile app. Facility ratings are immediately improved by expediting the inbound process and improving carrier acceptance rates. The convenient & contactless solution is the first of its kind. 

Customized Integrated Solutions 

Integration strategies that enhance collaboration and communication across the entire inbound process. Flexible API solutions enhance operational efficiencies by leveraging appointment scheduling integration to manage operational execution.

Intuitive Inbound Performance Software 

Advanced FreightSmith IMS (Inbound Management System) delivers real-time load management and KPIs to the forefront, providing key inbound operational data at-a-glance. Supplying transparency, visibility, and insight for receiving activities throughout the lifecycle of a truck while at the facility, gate-to-gate. 

Digitized Inbound Processes 

On-demand access to receiving activity metrics at your fingertips to validate potential detention exposure. Establishes a single version of truth for data and delivery milestones while on-site from Gate-in to Gate-out. 

Improves Receiving Visibility 

The FreightSmith suite of tools provides immediate visibility to load status, including arrival, check-in, staging, unloading, and completion. Streamlines driver communication and provides digital door assignment functionality. 

FreightSmith IMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I resolve unscheduled PO's in the IMS tool?

Yes. Unscheduled PO’s can be approved in the system and then assigned a door. 

Are there different levels of access for users in IMS?

There are 3 levels of access; Administrator, Executor and Basic which can be assigned to users as appropriate. 

How many users are allowed in the IMS at a time?

User profiles are unlimited. You can assign as many accounts as needed in the system. 

Is door assignment in the IMS tool automatically communicated to the driver/carrier?

Yes. Door assignment details are communicated to the driver when a door is assigned. The driver/carrier will automatically receive a notification when a door is assigned. 

Can the IMS be integrated with existing YMS, TMS, and WMS systems?

Yes. FreightSmith IMS can be integrated with existing systems to streamline the flow of operations and create a seamless digital receiving process.