Digital Door Management

Digitizes the Inbound Process by Removing removes manual processes, reduces delays and mistakes / expedites door use

Virtual Unscheduled PO Resolution

Reduces delays of unscheduled truck arrival at gate

Direct Communication with Drivers

Automates manual processes and Allows faster and more effective door assignment communication

Realtime Visibility of Inbound Status

Improves Driver Turn Around at Facility and Mitigates and Potentially Eliminates Detention Exposure

Provides Warehouse with Realtime Analytics Dashboard

Provides Data to Evaluate and Recognize Operational Priorities – Prioritize and Organize Dock Flow

Exception Task Management

Provides Data For Operational Continuous Improvements and Provides Staff With a Tool to Increase Daily Operational Productivity

Supports Driver/Carrier Friendly Initiatives

On average, drivers save 62 minutes between appointment check-in & unloading remittance using the FreightSmith mobile app. Facility ratings are immediately improved by expediting the inbound process and improving carrier acceptance rates.

Intuitive Inbound Performance Software

Delivers real-time load management and KPIs to the forefront, providing key inbound operational data at-a-glance. Supplying transparency, visibility, and insight for receiving activities throughout the lifecycle of a truck while at the facility, gate-to-gate.

How Much Can FreightSmith Save Your Facility?

Oftentimes, the FreightSmith platform pays for itself by saving warehouses on headcount overhead and detention fees. Fill out the form below and we will send you a custom quote based on your facilities details.