In the year 2023, it’s officially been declared the Year of the Rabbit. But if you ask anyone who’s in-the-know, they’ll tell you that this is really the Year of the Jackalope. You see, these strange and curious creatures have been around for centuries, but only recently have their true powers come to light. 

These days jackalopes are more than just a myth — they’re real! They’ve become incredibly adept at using modern technology to get things done quicker and better – so much so that many warehouses across North America rely on them to keep their trucks moving smoothly. 

But don’t be fooled by all this talk about efficiency and productivity: Jackalopes still retain some of their old traditions too. If you take a close look at any warehouse run by one of these creatures, chances are you’ll spot them taking part in some mysterious activities every now and again…at least until someone comes along with a broom or dustpan to clean up whatever mess they made! 

So yes, while it may officially be called The Year of The Rabbit – we can all agree that what everyone should really be talking about is how its truly The Year Of The Jackalope!

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