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The Benefits of Improved Load Status Visibility with FreightSmith  

Keeping track of freight load status can be a time-consuming task. As shipment volume increases, so do the hours spent trying to figure out where your freight is, has it arrived, and what is it’s load status. Fortunately, the FreightSmith suite of tools provides immediate real time visibility to load status, enabling you to have more knowledge of your shipments. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that improved load status visibility provides.  

The Benefits of Improved Load Status Visibility  

The FreightSmith suite of tools is designed to make managing freight loads easier and more efficient. It offers a variety of features that enable you to better understand the whereabouts and status of your inbound shipments. Here are just a few examples:  

  • Check-in – Get real-time notifications when carriers check-in for their delivery  
  • Staging – Track the progress of incoming freight from staging locations  
  • Unloading – Monitor how quickly unloading is executed 
  • Completion – Receive updates once goods are unloaded and the carrier is released  

In addition, FreightSmith also streamlines driver communication and provides digital door assignment functionality. This makes it easier for drivers and shippers alike to coordinate deliveries in a timely manner, reducing delays, removing process waste, and improving customer satisfaction. All these productivity improvements speeding up the receiving process, reducing exposure to detention costs, and increasing facility ratings. 

Finally, FreightSmith’s suite of tools offers a dashboard with milestone analytics to monitor inbound performance while providing detailed insight into shipment processing. With real-time arrival to release tracking capabilities, you can stay informed on every stage of your shipment’s journey, giving you greater control over logistics operations and supplying tools to support continuous improvement initiatives.   

FreightSmith provides an innovative solution for managing shipments with improved load status visibility. With its suite of tools, you can easily monitor inbound performance while also streamlining driver communication and providing digital door assignment functionality. All in all, this translates into increased efficiency throughout the entire receiving process as well as improving facility satisfaction ratings—making it an invaluable tool for any Supply Chain business owners or managers dealing with logistics operations. 

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