The warehouse receiving process has remained virtually unchanged for decades. That is, until now. FreightSmith is revolutionizing the way warehouse receiving is managed by streamlining the gate-to-gate process. Let’s look at how FreightSmith is transforming the industry and changing how warehouses operate nationwide. 

Reducing Delay Through Automation 

One of the greatest benefits of using FreightSmith is its ability to reduce delay and provide real time communication through automating the process, from driver check-in, gate assignment, unloading, and payment processing. This means that inbound vehicles  will be processed  in a timely manner and without  delay, saving time and money for receivers, carriers and shippers. Additionally, integrated features make it easier for managers to have full visibility of truck locations and gate to gate activity status in one simple platform. 

Streamlining Communication Between Carriers and Warehouses 

Another major benefit of using FreightSmith is that it eliminates communication issues between warehouses and carriers. With automated digital tools, warehouse operators have realtime visibility to truck arrivals. This makes it easier for warehouse managers to allocate doors and resources to avoid unexpected delays or miscommunications between receiving staff and incoming carriers. Additionally, it fosters strong carrier and warehouse relations improving better overall alingment throught the receiving process, resulting in higher facility ratings. 

Unlock Hidden Value With Data Insights Additionally, FreightSmith data can provide valuable insights to optimize warehouse inbound performance and maximize efficiencies across inbound and outbound operations.

FreightSmith is revolutionizing how businesses manage their warehouse receiving process by providing a comprehensive suite of digital freight management services that are easy to use yet powerful enough for even the most complex operations. From its remote pre-check capability of up to 24hrs in advance of delivery, and 24/7/365 customer support, to its Real-time updates at the warehouse level for all inbound deliveries along with instant access to all digital unloading receipts and Comprehensive load management tool supporting door assignment and PO/load resolution. FreightSmith has everything warehouse managers need to remain competitive in today’s ever-evolving supply chain landscape. With its innovative technology solutions, FreightSmith is setting a new standard for digital freight management services—one that will undoubtedly benefit warehouse operations across industries for years to come.

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