February 2, DENVER, Co. – FreightSmith, a recently launched software company, has released a free and flexible app allowing truck drivers to start processing mobile check-ins, mobile payments for freight deliveries, and other time-saving features for drivers who have been plagued with long wait times around the country. 

Right now, drivers report waiting an average of as long as 4 hours between loads. Often, theyare forced to wait even longer where distribution facilities are behind schedule andunderstaffed. When the only way to pay for a load of goods is to write out a hard copy check,the wait can be longer still. The FreightSmith App addresses these pain points head-on. 

“Inbound transportation providers indicate customer delays significantly reduce weekly earningpotential and influence load acceptance rates. The FreightSmith solution addresses these issuesby leveraging technology to digitally link the driver and receiver, supplying greater visibilitythroughout the unloading process and upgrading the overall delivery experience,” says TimWells, Senior Director of Strategy at FreightSmith.

FreightSmith was developed with industry expertise through UChain Group Inc., a supply chainand distribution center management company based in Denver, CO. The platform has alreadygone through extensive live testing within existing partner grocery retail distribution centers,and is now available to independent drivers and distribution centers at no charge. 

There is currently no end in sight to the world’s supply chain challenges, so FreightSmith isexpecting continued growing interest from businesses battling ongoing freight delays. Theflexible platform is backed by 24/7 customer support, and has an easy to use web portalaccessible by smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The app is available for downloadat the App Store and Google Play. 

For more information, visit: https://freightsmith.net/

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