FreightSmith is the premier pathway to contactless driver check-in and digital payment processing for the Supply Chain community.

We are extremely passionate about disrupting the driver experience in warehouses across the country. FreightSmith is challenging the status quo with how the delivery process works in Distribution Centers and obsessed with being part of the solution. Simply put, we are providing a better way to check-in for appointments and pay for unloading fees.

We are obsessed with improving the unloading payment & check-in experience for drivers across the country! - The Freightsmith Team

What People Are Saying About The Freightsmith Application

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“The pre-check-in and overall mobile appointment check-in process saves me time and headaches. I no longer have to wait in line in the elements to check in with a security guard. This mobile app and self-check-in process is saving me north of 20 minutes”


“The web-based carrier portal gives me real-time visibility into what used to be a black hole. I have better visibility into the delivery and unloading process and can access the receipts immediately saving time from back-and-forth texts and calls with drivers”


“The FreightSmith team is passionate about streamlining and digitizing the inbound process. We are turning doors faster which is increasing our thru-put and creating a safer and more driver friendly experience”

FreightSmith Key Features


Remote Driver Pre-Check

Remote pre-check capability up to 24hrs in advance of delivery. Check-in capability at a convenient location and time allowing the driver to prepare for delivery away from the receiver. Designed to optimize driver productivity, reduce traffic congestion, and expedite receiving velocity.

Direct integration

Direct Integration

Interfaces with all major check providers for fast, secure payments. Seamlessly and securely handles payments from ComData, EFS, T-Check, Relay Payments, or credit /debit cards. Industry payment processing avg is reduced by 42 minutes.

24x7x365 Customer Service

24x7x365 Customer Service

24×7 Contact Center agents are a support system for Drivers & Carriers. Through direct integration, appointment and payment information is at our fingertips and we are committed to establishing a distinct driver experience and simplified inbound process.

Digital Receipts

Digital Receipts

Receipts can be uploaded directly into the mobile app and easily shared as needed. The centralized historical receipt management is also critical for better organization and quicker reimbursements.

Carrier Web Portal

Carrier Web Portal

Real-time updates at the warehouse level for all inbound deliveries along with instant access to all unloading receipts. This visibility provides Carriers improved predictability to better manage their fleet.

Premium Performance & Design

This is the dawn of our digital future. Created by more than 4 decades of innovation and a century of combined experience, FreightSmith debuts a first of a kind solution for Drivers, Carriers, & Shippers. FreightSmith is engineered and led by dynamic Supply Chain technology experts that are passionate about scaling integration partnerships. With no stone unturned, the masterful design and user friendly layout takes every detail of a delivery into consideration and makes the progressive plan to digitize the inbound process a reality. FreightSmith is compatible with all major mobile and web based operating systems and downloadable from App and Play Stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FreightSmith app free?
Yes the app is free on the App Store and Google Play
Can I download the app on a Samsung Galaxy phone?
Yes, you can download the app on Galaxy, iPhone, Pixel, and any major operating system using the Google Play or Apple App stores.
Do you have a customer service rep I can talk to?
Yes, we have a 24x7x365 customer success team that can be reached at any time. 1.844.586.7729
Can my company make payment on my behalf?
Yes, they have access to the FreightSmith web portal that provides them access to process unloading payments on your behalf.
Can I check-in for my appointment before I arrive?
Our geofencing virtual boundary is 0.5mi for check-in and 5mi for pre-check.