FreightSmith recently returned from the Manifest 2023 event in Las Vegas, where our team had a fantastic opportunity to gain access to some of the most influential visionaries of logistics, transportation & supply chain innovators and leaders. The three-day event was filled with seminars about new supply chain technology and innovation, and the FreightSmith booth absorbed non-stop traffic from potential clients and partners as well as industry professionals.

At the event, the team showcased its innovative digital FreightSmith Inbound Management Solution (IMS) to the world. Our product is designed to help businesses optimize and digitize their inbound receiving freight operations reducing cost and reliance upon labor intensive activities. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees, who expressed interest in partnering with us to leverage our product and services at numerous warehouses and distribution centers around the world. 

Manifest attendees were able to see firsthand how the FreightSmith IMS platform functioned in live demos throughout the show. Those who visited the FreightSmith booth were surprised at the ease of use and numerous productivity benefits that the solutions offer. With both the mobile application running live demos and the FreightSmith IMS available for potential clients to test out, the intuitive nature of the product was a hit among all who engaged with the FreightSmith solution. 

In addition to showcasing our product, we also had a chance to network with key players in the industry. The team met with top executives from major logistics providers and discussed how our product could be used to transform their warehouses with digital inbound receiving solutions and reduce costs while improving efficiency. It was great to have such an engaged audience who asked insightful questions about our product and showed genuine interest in what we have created at FreightSmith. 

All in all, Manifest was an amazing experience for everyone at FreightSmith! We gained invaluable insight into the logistics industry by networking with key supply chain problem solvers and learning more about our quickly evolving industry thought leadership seminars and networking conversations. We are already looking forward to attending next year’s Manifest event where we will continue building relationships within the industry while showcasing our cutting-edge technology. 

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