Published on April 10, 2022 on LinkedIn Pulse

April 8th, Phoenix, AZ. – FreightSmith continues it’s mission to remove inbound delays and provide improved flow at warehouses across the country. The new pre-check functionality does just that; it allows truck drivers to check-in for their appointment at a convenient location eliminating the bottleneck at Distribution Centers and negatively impacting nearby local businesses and overall traffic flow. “We are piloting this in Southern California and remain very optimistic about the efficiency gains it will create for drivers and receivers. I believe this solution will truly create a shipper friendly experience which is long overdue,” said Tim Wells, Senior Director of Strategy.

Saying FreightSmith is passionate about scaling digital inbound processes is an understatement. The initial launch of their digital payment solution for lumper fees has quickly grown, gaining over 17k registered users in only 9 weeks. This mobile and web app product was years in the making and remains a first-of-kind solution in App Store and Google Play.

Although the FreightSmith team has many more enhancements on the mobile payment side they believe the mobile check-in and pre-check services will pack a big punch in minimizing dwell time for drivers. 

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